You might have seen my Six Reasons to Never Leave WA for my favourite swimming spots along our wonderfully sunny coastline. However swimming isn’t always what we have in mind when we hit the coast, so we’re lucky WA has some incredibly beautiful scenery bordering the indian ocean.

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1. Coconut Well, Broome

North of Broome’s pristine and idealic Cable Beach is a small rocky outcrop called Coconut Well. Go there at low tide, otherwise it will be deep underwater. Watch where you step, you might find a mud crab resting at the bottom of one of the rock pools.


2. Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs, Kalbarri

Kalbarri has so much to offer, just one of them being the Kalbarri National Park’s coastal cliff system. It is beautiful what ever time of day you go there, and there are enough points of interest to keep you occupied for a couple of days.


3. Back Beach, Bunbury

Relatively close to Perth, and close to everything else that Bunbury has to offer. During the winter months the storms strip the sand away from the volcanic rocks creating interesting landscapes for the ocean to interact with. During the summer the calmer seas allow the sand to build up, burying the features under the beach.


4. Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste

Easily the most photographed location on the WA coast, Sugarloaf Rock is a huge monolithic rock extending out of the indian ocean. It is a beautiful sight, but the surrounding coast begs exploration.


5. The Water Wheel, Augusta

Amazingly diverse and fascinating, the granite rocks, beach full of sea shells, and interesting history combine to create an utterly unique point of interest in Western Australia.


6. Rottnest Island

If you want more than a short day trip, then Rottnest is the answer. Access every corner of the wonderful coastline by bicycle on the carless island.


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  1. Great post, with some gorgeous images of beautiful parts of WA. 🙂

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