I have travelled all over this state enjoying the beautiful landscapes, both lush and stark. I’ve sat in the sun and walked through the rain. When summer rolls around I know exactly what I am looking for. The beaches.

Western Australia has an enormous amount of pristine beach. 12,500 kilometres of coastline wraps around our beautiful state and the majority of it is white sandy beaches. There are also islands and river systems that provide plenty of fun out in the water.

Here are my favourite spots around WA for enjoying a swim or just a bit of sun.

1. Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo beach is in the heart of Perth City. The beach sand is soft and the water is clean. One of my hates in life is stepping on things in the water. The sea floor hear is smooth and sandy, with barely a rock in sight.

Mullaloo Beach

Perth beaches

2. Cable Beach

Cable Beach is my number one favourite beach. It is unlikely you’ll ever get to see all of it. The enormous tide produces an extremely flat and compacted beach. At low tide it is quite a walk to get to the water’s edge.

Cable Beach

Each sunset trains of camel riders depart from Broome for a trip up and down part of the beach. The incredible flats of the beach reflect the sun as it approaches the horizon, producing a view that is seen in very few places around the world.

Camels and Cable Beach Broome

3. Coral Bay

Coral Bay is part of a marine park that shelters sea life from commercial fishing. The calm waters are an ideal swimming location if you’re keen on swimming with the fishes. The entirety of the town is a tourism hub and you’ll hear many languages spoken here.

Coral Bay


4. The Basin

Rottnest Island is located half an hour by ferry from the coast of Perth City. Out of all of the beaches on the island, there truly is something special about the Basin. Photographs show the rocky reef that sits below the surface of the water, and it is this reef which protects the basin providing a calm enjoyable swim.


5. Smiths Beach

I have better memories of Smiths Beach than any other beach in WA. Located outside of a resort near the town of Yallingup, the amazingly clean water and white sand is overlooked by a rugged hilly coastline. The water is so clean you could almost be fooled into thinking it was freshwater. The water’s taste is extremely mild, the waves crash just perfectly, and there is a Lamont’s restaurant within walking distance… seriously good.



6. Anywhere near Esperance

I know it kind of breaks with my emphasis on specific beaches, but really, go to Esperance and drive to pretty much any beach east or west of town and you are in heaven.


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