If you are travelling into Western Australia’s south-west and looking for the must see attractions, then Sugarloaf Rock must be on your list. Of all of Western Australia’s natural coastal sights to see, Sugar loaf rock is undoubtably one of the most impressive, and consequently one of the most photographed.


Being on the western coast, the sun rises from behind you as you stare into the wide open expanse. Sugarloaf rock is a huge monolithic type rock rising out of the ocean. On calm days the ocean can look deceptively calm. On the worst of storms the seas will crash dangerously around the cliff faces.




Many tourists come to see the rock from the lookout before quickly scooting off to the next location. I recommend you invest a bit more time in getting to know the area. While the rock is quite impressive, the surrounding coastal landscape should be appreciated all the same.



At the end of the day is often the best time to see Sugarloaf Rock. It is not unusual to see a small crowd of people gathering to watch the sunset over the ocean behind the rock. It is a calming place that let’s us know our place amongst nature.



You can find Sugarloaf rock at the end of Sugarloaf Rock road on Cape Naturalist.

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