Harvey River


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Product Description

Early one morning I kayaked out to the mouth of the Harvey River.It finally meets the Estuary at the end of a peninsular a couple of kilometres long. I had spent months planning this photograph, including trips to the location to choose the composition I wanted. It was decided that I would need to sink a tripod down into the depths of the river. About as deep as my tripod could go.

I waited for the right day. Low tide, at sunrise, with no wind. That’s a very rare combination.

I finally found the right conditions coming together and took the opportunity. In the dark of night I departed on the Kayak and arrived for sunrise. What a magical scene it was. This photo highlights the stark beauty that you can find in the most unexpected places.

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18 x 12 inch, 24 x 16 inch, 30 x 20 inch, 40 x 26 inch, 50 x 33 inch, 60 x 40 inch

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Metallic Paper Print (rolled), Gallery Grade Print & Frame, Aluminium (ready to hang), Canvas (ready to hang)