What kinds of images can we expect?

I love landscape photography. So I take a lot of photos that make use of your beautiful environments. That could be a sunny beach, a park, a city street, or your house. I love to see the surroundings. I love intimate portraits. I am not big on stiff poses, so usually get you interacting together so that the photos are natural. I am told it never feels like posing, even when I am telling people what to do. I am also very interested in the historical context of photos, so I chase all the traditional photos that a wedding calls for.

One thing I learnt early on was to not chase fads and short lived trends. I try to keep my photography honest and true to life. I don’t want any of my work to look dated in the future because of something I did. My clients appreciate that.


Are they edited?

They certainly are. I choose to keep them looking very natural. Natural colours or black and white. As mentioned previously I avoid the over-photoshoped look that a lot of people are into at the moment. I have seen the processing fads come and go and I just love a photo to look like a photo.

I deliver every image in both colour and black and white.

Except for clients who book me to shoot with black and white only cameras.


How long does it take to get the photos?

It can be very quick. Within the week in fact. However at certain times of the year the workload will delay that by a bit. Two months is a safe answer.

Everyone get’s to see the photos straight away, because I air them at the reception on either a LED TV or a projector.


For how many hours will you be at our wedding?

That really depends on your wedding. I don’t book by the hour, I start when the action starts and stay until it stops. Having me for the whole day means you get to plan your wedding without worrying about whether I will be there to capture something. I will be.


How many weddings do you do in day / year?

Just one per day and up to 50 per year. The more weddings I shoot the better. I love it when I am busy creating images.

I also shoot a lot of portraits in between and travel frequently to create all the landscape photography you see on this site.


Do we need to have an appointment?

No, but I do recommend it. Get in touch with me and we’ll organise a time for me to show you through all my work and give you a formal quote.


Do you have any advice for couples?

Yes, everyone in the bridal party and all of the parents should have their phones packed away for the day. It is not a matter of other people taking photos, it just doesn’t look good when everyone is busy clutching onto their phones all day. I have noticed that the smart phone revolution has stopped people smiling as often. We just aren’t as happy as a people when we are worrying about what is on Facebook.


How much do you cost?

That depends on what you want, which is a very important question. Sometimes people ask me how much I charge without knowing what they want to buy. I love what I do, and my clients love what I do for them, but if you don’t really want a photographer don’t feel obligated to get one.


What now?

Get in touch with me so that I can confirm your wedding date availability and let’s meet to talk things through.

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