I am a commercial photographer, cinematographer, beekeeper, timber craftsman, and lyricist. To say that I keep a lot on my plate is an understatement.

I live in rural Western Australia in a setting that closely resembles my childhood home. The connection to the natural environment has always been with me, whether or not it was an ingrained part of me or simply something that I learned. I have travelled the state through countless roadtrips to not only experience our native wonders, but also to photograph them.

For me, photographing what I see is my way of sending a message to people far into the future. A well preserved photograph gives us so much insight into the past. The better the photograph, the more information we extract from it. My goal is to produce a comprehensive review of Western Australia.

My career in professional photography exists across various fields, each kept distinctly separate. As a portrait artist under the brand of Stellar Visions, I use the same philosophies to preserve the life and memory of my clients. Click here to read more about this.

My work in weddings has awarded me much attention, with an international award early in my career being a highlight. I have been featured in professional photography magazines such as Capture, and graced high visibility pages in newspapers such as the Sunday Times. However, what really makes me happy is producing images that I am proud of. Images that convey a story beyond a happy smile.

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