Photographs of the Perth City skyline taken during 2018 will appear here.


The jewel of the Perth City Skyline photos. The reflections of the city in the swan river form an almost mirror image. The conditions required to produce this image are very rare, and the last time I had it this good was 5 years ago.

Our usual great Aussie bight high-pressure system has existed to the west of us instead of the east, unfortunately, that has given us a cool windy summer, which is no good for skyline photos. So here is an entirely photoshopped version of the city. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The first off the rank was of the wonderful Super Blue Blood Moon of 2018 which Perth was perfectly situated for. I took this image of all the crowd at Kings Park enjoying the spectacle.

In case you were wondering how it gets itโ€™s name, the super refers to the moon being full at the closest distance to earth in its elliptical orbit, blue means that it is the second full moon of the month, blood moon is when you have a total lunar elpyse.

When a total lunar eclipse occurs, light from the sun is blocked by the earth. The only light that reaches the moon is from the ring of light defracting through the atmosphere of the earth. Since all of this light is passing through the thickest part of the atmosphere, only red light makes it through the defraction process. It is the same process that makes a sunset red. From the moons perspective, earth would only appear as a black disc with a glowing red atmosphere around the edge.

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