Australian designed and manufactured, Solidteknics cookware is the best I have seen. Whether it is stove top, in the oven, or over burning jarrah, the cast iron and wrought iron pans are my go to tool for great meals at home.

The BIGskillet and DEEPan combination is what initially sucked me in. A frypan that doubles as the lid for a huge pot. That is brilliant. Why hasn’t everyone been doing that, since forever?

Slowcooking a leg of lamb for 6 hours in the DEEPan over a fire before a final high heat fry up in honey on the BIGskillet, yes please!

Cooking some sausages in a wrought iron crepe pan on the fire while I wait for said leg of lamb to cook, even better. What better way to spend a day.

And now the engineer who founded Solidteknics, Mark J. Henry, is moving into single piece stainless steel cookware…

Check out Solidteknics cookware here;

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