I believe the single greatest thing a coffee house can do for their customers is to give them an experience that challenges what they thought about coffee. Now I won’t say that Felix & co are the only coffee house in Perth doing this, but I will say they do it in the most accessible, elegant, and tasty way.


As a very keen Italian espresso addict, I am quickly drawn in by the choices of weekly single origin coffee varietals. My first visit to Felix & co (the result of finding a parking spot outside their front door while on the way to somewhere less enjoyable) included me walking in and stating “I’ve never been here before, do you do anything interesting?”. They proceeded to point me towards the simple paper printed menu on the wall that listed their single origin coffees, blends, teas, and various brews. I ordered an espresso shot from Ethiopia based on its tasting notes and later declared that Felix & co just made the best coffee in Perth. Many months later and with very vigorous trials, I stand by that statement.

The reason why they are so much better than just a great cup of coffee is the small adventure they take you on. You can choose a coffee variety based on its country of origin, its tasting notes, or how it will be enjoyed. A certain coffee variety may be great for a latte’ while another may suit a macchiato better. The baristas are always willing to explain their current crop to you.

While serving up a hot coffee in the winter is great, Felix & co also take it a step further by offering bottled cold brew coffee, the perfect alternative to a beer in the summer, if like me beer isn’t your thing. The light and refreshing bottles of black elixir make the perfect company at the beach.


Perhaps the best toasted sandwich you’ll ever eat.

If the best coffee of your life wasn’t enough of an incentive to drop in on Felix &. co, then pairing it with a delicious toasted sandwich might do it. Whole grain bread and a perfect balance of ingredients sets the stage, but it is the spicy chutney they serve up along side it that takes it over the edge.

Trust me on this one, you must drop in to Felix & co. Not only has it become my go to source of caffeine, but I have more and more decided to bring friends and business colleagues along too. If I have to catch up and talk business with someone, Felix & co is a better place to take them than most.



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