Three hours of splendid spring time driving north east from Perth and you’ll find yourself in Wyalkatchem. With the help and guidance of local farmers Luke and Cassie, I toured the barley, wheat, and canola fields of their huge sprawling family farm. But that was actually only the side benefit for me. I was actually there to get some beautiful portraits of the two of them. To see more of the portrait photography than what is on this page, you’ll have to follow our Stellar-Visions Facebook page.



The barley fields were like magic. The wind blew patterns across the maturing heads that was reminiscent of sitting on a boat on calm summer seas. I could have spent hours soaking that in.




Being spring wildflowers were aplenty, so we visited some nature reserves to get some portraits.



The photos of me at work were taken by my buddy Hugh Buttsworth.



Luke and Cassie were extraordinarily helpful in providing us lots of information about what it is like to be a farmer on such a large property, and of the complexities involved in growing and delivering the crops.


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