This evening I went for a walk. I picked the time based on the angle of the sun, and the location based on what would look good in front of a camera. This walk took me several hours. It involved crouching, climbing, jogging, and at time slipping over in mud. At the same time as giving my body the exercise it needs, I feed my mind with a creative pursuit and the pleasure of discovery.

And it is the sense of discovery that keeps me doing it. It’s not just finding new spots to shoot, it’s not just finding new locations that no one knows about. It is looking at the world and analysing what we observe about it, recording it and learning about it.

For the last week I have been shooting almost exclusively with the Leica M Monochrom. It’s black and white sensor limits my vision to nothing but the quantity and shape of light. (by the way, if you want to check this camera out, click here to see it at my local camera store, PRA Imaging)



The texture of the world becomes visible when you stop looking at the colour of it.


And strange features find our attraction and begs for explanation.




It is a beautiful thing to look at the world in this way. What most people step over and disregard, I get to study and appreciate.


How do all the little pieces of matter come together to form our environment?


The shapes of nature, naturally juxtaposed.






It makes you start looking beyond the pretty gloss of colour to the landscape that hides beneath it.


And I can never be sure as to whether the colour is adding to the scene or taking away from it.



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