Kalbarri is known for many things. Many great things. The icing on the cake however is Natures Window, a naturally formed stone arch perched high above, over-looking the gorges of the Murchison River. Rain fall from a massive area of land contributes to the river. After heavy rains there can be a significant amount of water flowing through, while at other times of the year the river bed is completely dry.

This place is very humbling. It is a place that has slowly evolved. The land being shaped by the running water. Both the deposition of the rock and the erosion of the gorge is the work of nothing more than running water. Natures window has watched the sun rise and set over this place more times than you could ever hope to comprehend. I have photographs of this place spanning over ten years, and I notice the change in the trees.





The loose gravels can make walking around here hazardous. It’s entirely worth it though. The rich orange sandstones that make up the walls of the gorge have an endless array of patterns and geometries to look at.

Fleeting signs of life remind you that you in a place not owned by humans. Lizards, Kangaroos, and wild pigs roam the land. And I’m sure many other creatures I haven’t seen.

It almost exists out of time. The Aboriginal people would have walked this land for thousands of years. The changes would have been slow. You can imagine the shapes of hunters standing on the edge of the river.











My next trip to Kalbarri National Park is to focus on the amazing wildflower bloom in spring.

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