The redevelopment of Scarborough Beach has been hailed as a transformative process that will create Australia’s best beach.

An interesting concept for me, as my rating of a beach has always been based on the actual water, not the surrounding environment. However, the work being done at Scarborough is truly epic and is creating a very compelling landscape. For quite a long time now, Scarborough has been shielded from view by large fenses, but these aerial photographs from late 2016 show the extent of the work being done.

Scarborough Beach Pool

Pretty much the first thing to open is the new Scarborough Beach pool, a year-round geothermically heated pool just a stroll away from the crashing waves of the Indian ocean. The main body of the pool is kept around 28 degrees celcius, while the kids leisure pool is a warmer 32 degrees. With temperatures like this, I can see myself spending time here during the winter months when the ocean becomes a lot less palatable to me.

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