Toolbrunup Peak

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The mountain reigns supreme over the forest below it. It’s power is unquestioned and it’s origins are startling. The rock formed on the floor of a shallow sea, Tectonic movement thrusted it up into the sky. It is a home for thousands of creatures and connects the ground with the clouds.

This image was created while climbing to the top. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

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Printed Product Information

A number of printed products are available for people wishing to adorn their homes/offices with my photography or to give them away as gifts.


Gallery Grade Prints

Gallery grade prints are printed using the highest of standards by our team of experts, following the second specification of design. Our process ensures beautifully rich long lasting printed images that will be able to pass down generations when treated properly. Brilliant colour comes through on metallic fine art paper, which is then coated in a ultra high quality matt laminate, which negates the need for glass. Set inside two nested frames, a black main frame and a silver inner frame to act as a highlight, the end result is simple and modern, with a very powerful statement made.



We select a range of sizes available for each image to show the subject in its best light. We won’t sell you a bad copy.

Our 60 inch master editions are the first class ticket to beauty and refinement.

Canvas Prints

Our Canvas Prints are stretched around a wooden frame and are ready to hang on delivery. The rough texture of canvas provides a rich non-reflective print with vivid colours and stark contrast. The frameless look favours modern homes.

Aluminium mounted metallic prints

The brilliant shine of a metallic print, bonded to a ridiculously thin and light piece of aluminium, needs to be seen to be believed. This amazing process is available for nearly all of my photographs.

Custom Printing and Framing

We can meet any style or size requirement. Just ask us.



High Gloss Prints (rolled)

Glossy prints form the basis for photography prints, and we have selected the best papers and inks for our photography. When purchasing rolled prints, you receive the print only. This is the best outcome or interstate or international customers.

Matt Prints (rolled)

Our Matt Prints have an elegance about them that can only be achieved with the muted colours and contrast of a good non-reflective print on paper. They look excellent when framed behind anti-reflective glass. When purchasing rolled prints, you receive the print only. This is the best outcome or interstate or international customers.

Acrylic Magnetic Mounts

Available as A4 (roughly 12 x 8 inch) or 10 x 10 inch squares, Acrylic magnetic photo mount make a perfect gift and can be used as a massively interchangeable photo decoration for your home or office. The two plates of acrylic are held together with magnetic pins and hold either one or two (back to back) photographs in-between. Visual clarity is exceptional thanks to the high quality of the acrylic. Even though fingerprints will appear, they are very easily cleaned off.

If you’d like your company logo or a message added to the print, we can arrange that. Get in touch.



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