• It is Spring and I've been extremely busy harvesting honey. If you didn't yet know, among the many things I do is beekeeping. But don't fret, the photography updates will be along soon.

    I also make beeswax seasoned Western Australian timber kitchenware! Here are some of the new banksia preparation and serving boards I have.

  • Ritz Carlton dominates Elizabeth Quay in these new aerials of Perth.

  • If you are one of the many who follow my property development photography, then head over to the Westin Towers page for some updates from the air.

  • I have a new collection of photos from a new flight over Perth and Rottnest in a light aircraft. Check it out.

  • We've brought you some views of the beautiful misty mornings from Harvey, WA. See it here!

  • New images from Fairlanes of East Perth are available. The beautiful apartment building is a new addition to our skyline and has some excellent views over the Swan River. Check it out.

  • After a day of extensive walking around the CBD, I am happy to share a long post of photographs of our city from street level.

  • South Perth continues to move upward with the construction of Aurelia. Visit my South Perth transformation page.

  • Two great additions to the Ritz Carlton page. First is a construction update, and secondly are photographs of the scale models at the sales office.

  • New images of the podium levels have been added in a new post on the Capital Square page.

  • A new series of posts are coming detailing the sights of the Stirling Range. Joining together with my previous Toolbrunup Peak climb, my new page for Bluff Knoll is starting out with some of the beautiful contours of the surrounding hillside.

  • Even though this winter has not been very wintery, I have added a new winter skyline photo to the 2017 Perth City skyline page. But not everything is as it seems.

  • So happy to say that the major upgrades that I have been working on for the last few months have now been completed. And more important than all the technical server side efficiencies, this website is now set up for the next stages of the expansion that I am chasing. Expect big things in the future.

  • The structure of the building is now visible from South Perth. Check it out.

  • New images have been added to our Perth City Skylines of 2017 page. Don't miss it.

  • A new page has been added that will chronicle the developments on the South Perth Peninsula. To kick it off we have construction updates of Civic Heart and Aurelia. Check it out

  • A single new image has been added to the New Perth Stadium page, so you can check it out while you wait for a larger update.

  • New photographs of the Busselton Jetty and the Underwater Observatory at the end of it has now been added to the Busselton coast page. Check it out.

  • You can have a look at some of the changes that are coming to this website in the form of the new structure for large projects that I cover. Updates will now be split up into individual pages so that readers don't have to download all previous images continuously. This will make the bandwidth burden for people on mobile devices much more manageable.

    Check out the new updates to the construction of Capital Square at its new home here.
    Also have a look at how the Westin Towers are coming along.

  • Recent updates have been delayed while we work on behind the scenes infrastructure on this website. We hope to bring you a swag of new updates soon.

  • I've added a new page of sunrise and sunset from the coast in Busselton, one of the few places in WA where you can watch the sun rise and set over the ocean.

  • A wonderful place to visit, and an interesting page to visit if you want to see a photo of me as a little kid. Check it out.

  • A new tallest building for East Perth. Check it out.

  • Fan of Port Beach? Head over to our new page that celebrates the beauty of this Fremantle icon.

  • I was absolutely delighted to be a part of the first every Harvey Art & Discovery Safari. Check out my photos and thoughts from the day.

  • If you have had your eyes peeled while crossing the Narrows, you may have seen the foreshore being redeveloped on the south end of the Narrows. Check it out.

  • Find the new images in this months update for Capital Square here and the Westin Towers here.

  • A brief update shows the new tower crane that has been erected at Elizabeth Quay. Check it out.


  • A new gallery of scenes from Point Walter is now up. Check it out: Point Walter

  • Do check out this new gallery of some portraits and landscapes taken on a salt lake in the wheat belt! Salt lakes in the wheat belt

  • Flying in a helicopter with the door off presents some beautiful views over the land below. Check out my recent flight over Perth City, Fremantle, and the wonderful beaches of Perth. Perth City from the air

  • Check out the gallery from this years Open House Perth. Your ticket to the best views in Perth. Open House Perth

  • Check out the latest gallery addition, the gardens of Government House in the CBD.

  • We know not everyone always wants to swim at a beautiful white sandy beach, so we've put together the best places on WA's coast when swimming isn't on your agenda. Western Australia's Coast - When You Don't Want To Swim

  • It is a massive year for wildflowers. Check out the Serpentine National Park.

  • An older set of photos, but a recent addition to the website. Check out: Perth Zoo's Solar Shades.

  • It has been a while since we've added anything to the wheatbelt section, so here it is: Farming in Wyalkatchem

  • A new gallery of photos from the main street of Brunswick Junction has just been uploaded. Check it out: Brunswick Junction

  • Check out the third instalment in our bushfire recovery from the January 2016 Waroona Fires. The desolation of the pine forest

  • A must see for visitors to this website. Check out the 2016 edition of our Perth City Skylines here.

  • Forrest Place has been a cultural center of Perth City for a long time, and now it has a page on our website: Visit the Forrest Place gallery

  • Photos of the construction of the new Perth Stadium have just been uploaded. Check them out here: New Perth Stadium

  • If you are heading south and in need of some Japanese food, check out Tokyo Jacks, and our new page with tasty looking images; Tokyo Jacks

  • Starting off a new area of the site, we've posted a review of the Bunbury Farmers Market. Check it out: Bunbury Farmers Market.

  • We've given old Sugarloaf Rock its own page, following in the current format of our other attractions. Check it out here: Sugarloaf Rock

  • Have a look at this gallery showing an area of the Waroona Bushfire zone regenerating in the winter. The Moss Forest

  • Check out the new gallery of Grass Trees we put together. They are from all over the south-west. The ever so interesting Grass Tree of Western Australia

  • We've posted a helpful how-to on uploading images to Instagram from an iPad. Check it out here; Instagram on the iPad

  • The Pinnacles Desert gallery has been updated with higher resolution images and some newly processed images. Here; Pinnacles Desert

  • You heard it right, our front page is now a live feed of our Instagram account. So pretty.

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