Leica state the Summicron-M 28mm delivers “remarkable detail and brilliance”. What I have to say of this lens is that it delivers an unprecedented level of quality in a wide-standard prime lens that I did not think even Leica were capable of. It’s unbelievable. You would be forgiven for thinking that photos taken with this lens were shot with a longer, perhaps 35mm or even 50mm lens, given how minimal the distortion is.


I have never particularly liked the 28mm focal length. I felt that it was not wide enough to make use of the increased field of view while not long enough to avoid the typical distortion seen in wide angle lenses. For this reason I have always tended to favour either a 24mm for field of view or 35mm for depth. This lens changes that.

Summicron-M 28mm

We all know a sharp lens on it’s own doesn’t create good images. But if you are going to take good images, you may as well be using the sharpest lenses you can. The Summicron 28mm delivers. Crops from the image above reveal the startling detail.

The field of view of the 28mm covers nearly the entire standard viewfinder in my M Monochrom. To see each frame line guide, I have to physically move my eye around the viewfinder. This makes it one of the largest possible viewfinder experiences imaginable.



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